About the Owners Roy and Shelia Stewart:
CIRCLES at Wrenway, LLC is managed and operated by Owners Roy and Shelia Stewart, Missouri City residents for more than 30 years, who are Godly people with a heart and compassion to serve their residents in a caring and compassionate manner. In addition to having a heart to serve others, Shelia, a certified member of Houston Association for Residential Care Homes (HARCH) and the National Board of Certified Long Term Care Facilities (NABS), brings previous experience as a care giver for her mother six years and by working in the assisted living market with the mentally challenged. Roy and Shelia Stewart have truly made the needs and concerns of their residents a top priority. In addition to their personal commitment, Roy and Shelia have a background in corporate America, the oil and gas Industry, (Roy 41 years and Shelia 35+ years.) Shelia’s career path has given her experience working in human resources and in customer service as a benefits counselor. Together they bring a great depth of business acumen, leadership and direction which helps them to be more grounded, dependable and professional managers of CIRCLES at Wrenway, LLC.

Roy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CIRCLES at Wrenway, LLC, handles and oversees the day to day operations of the facility and supervises staff members to ensure that resident?s needs and expectations are met in a timely and efficient manner. A born again Christian with a strong faith-based belief system, Roy recently retired from corporate America in the oil and gas industry where he was a Consultant. Roy will be effective in advising residents and family members on issues pertaining to the long term care of CIRCLE?s residents. With expertise in people management, Roy is also responsible for ensuring proper staffing for services provided. His focus is for all residents to be treated with dignity, respect and to acclaim a prideful distinction within this facility that separates CIRCLES from the rest and certainly gain the reputation for higher quality living.

Opening an assisted living facility has been a lifetime dream for Chief Operating Officer (COO) Shelia Stewart since she was a young adult; she has always had a deep passion for helping the elderly. As a young woman in her 30s, Shelia was a care giver for her mother for six years until her mother passed away at the age of 65. As a double amputee, a diabetic, a victim of high blood pressure and a dialysis patient, Shelia’s mother faced many health challenges. Shelia believes that the period of her life when she cared for her mother, while working fulltime in the oil and gas industry, confirmed her diligence and heightened her awareness of the need for senior care facilities.

In addition to serving as her mother’s care giver, Shelia also had the opportunity to serve other residents when she worked at an independent living facility and found it a rewarding experience to care for the slightly mentally challenged. Further, Shelia is also trained to assist patients who are suffering from memory loss and dementia. As proud owners of this tranquil facility, Roy and Shelia Stewart will dedicate their efforts to creating lifestyles and expecting solutions, one CIRCLE at a time.
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